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What is EVM?

EVM is a process that has been successfully used to monitor project and program cost, schedule and technical performance. This process gives the customer, and their suppliers, the ability to monitor and adjust performance for efficiencies in resource allocations. It also integrates cost, schedule and technical aspects into programmatic report synopses. This gives insight into progress that provides information on cost and schedule performance data and can visually depict budget efficiencies for both time and dollars

Why PramsCo for Performance Measurement?

A PramsCo EVM written analysis provides the project manager with objective, accurate, and timely data for effective decision making. PramsCo has developed an assessment methodology to properly align the EVM concepts with the project based work and the organizational structure. EVM co-exists with traditional measuring and cost control mechanisms creating a robust suite of tools. PramsCo will walk your team through and apply (hands-on) the development of the proper execution elements and structures to properly utilize these tools. This approach to knowledge transfer will educate the organization and allow for your employees to produce repeatable and sustainable results.

How We Accomplish Performance Measurement (EVM)

With more than 30 years of Program Management support we have come to understand the techniques that are needed to accomplish purposeful program performance analysis. The understanding and appreciation of what information is derived from the work breakdown structure to documenting what has been planned, what has been accomplish and what the costs are, we derive performance trends that indicate schedule and cost performance to the plan. With these trends we can then develop our analysis to project performance into the future.


Procurement Management examines the process by which goods and services are acquired, as well as the legal concerns associated with acquiring goods and services in the Project Management environment.

Subjects may include: Law; Contract and Procurement Strategies; Source Selection; Contract Type Identification; Product Liability and Risk; Tender Documents; Invitation to Bid; Bid Response and Evaluation; Contract Risk Assessment; Contract Negotiations; and Contract Administration



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